Robin Costume

For a change this Halloween, instead of being Batman while letting the kids be Robin, switch places and wear an authentic Robin Costume. Sure, Robin may be the sidekick to the Dark Knight, but he is no pushover.

Born as the youngest member of a family of acrobats, Richard John “Dick” Grayson lived a rather carefree life until his family was inadvertently murdered by the villain Two-Face and his henchmen in an attempt to know the secret identity of Batman. Bruce Wayne (Batman’s alter ego), feeling partly responsible for the demise of Grayson’s family, takes him in as his legal ward. Soon thereafter, Grayson find’s out about Bruce’s secret, creates his own alter ego in the form of Robin, and becomes his inseparable companion.

As a capable crime fighter in his own right, Robin’s reliable, yet boyish demeanour perfectly complements that of Batman’s dark and brooding nature. To pull off that image perfectly during Halloween, an authentic Robin Costume is just what you need.

The deluxe quality Robin Costume is based on the super-suit seen in the movie Batman & Robin. It consists of an eye mask, cape, separate pants and top that feature Black & Red chest pieces with chiseled muscle details, belt, gloves, intricately sculpted thigh and cod piece and boot covers. It’s the perfect disguise for cleaning up the mean streets of Gotham City.

Super Hero (Black) Adult BootsTo complete the look, add a pair of black superhero boots. And, you must not forget a few crime fighting accessories. You’d be good to be equipped with a Bat-A-Rang and grappling hooks. Trading in your junker for a customized sports coupe motorcycle is also a good fit for the Boy Wonder if you can swing it.

Being Robin is a nice change of scenery from the typical Batman costume that most folks gravitate toward. Besides, Robin has a lighter personality than the darker and more emotionally complex Batman. Also, you’ll earn huge points with the little tykes in the house by letting them be Batman and call all the shots, while you faithfully follow course.

Like a true superhero on the go, the Robin Costume is a hassle-free, easy to wear outfit that is great for fans and collectors alike. In this outfit, you’ll be able to hit the streets of Gotham as the Boy Wonder in no time.

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